Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Taste of Baltimore

I spent this weekend in Baltimore, MD - Inner Harbor to be exact. It was nice being able to walk to restaurants that were right on the water. The company was great for all these meals - definitely making it a reminder that meals are more than the food! Here are the places I went:

PotBelly's Sandwich Works: with Kelli and her family on Saturday for lunch. I had a great chicken salad salad. Huge croutons that were their bread just chunked up - nice diced. Good parmesan vinaigrette.

PF Changs - "we're going to feverishly devour this food so fast it will make the chef weep". This was a pretty direct quote. We got there about 730 and left about 930 - great food. Wonton soup with dumplings and shrimp, lettuce wraps, calamari (I loved them dipped in the salt), kung pao shrimp, mongolian beef, and Chang's chicken - topped off with some coconut ice cream. We did it all family style. Good stuff!

7-11 - I went here twice. Sometimes its the only place and cheapest place to go. Now, maybe not for every meal - but I was quite thankful for the 7-11 this trip!

J. Paul's American Grill - I got the crab cake salad. So moist - not much filler. Lump crab was throughout it. Their pretzels were great too - definitely hit the spot.

Viccaro's Italian Pastries - I heard these were great, so I got a few. Lemon Drop cookie (ok, took a bite), almond topped amoretti cookie (great, but still took a bite), chocolate topped cream puff (not great, have had better, mini bite), chocolate almond white dipped biscotti (didn't think this was all that great), mini canolli (ok, so what they were known for was pretty good - had 2 bites). It was good to get to taste these as I was sitting on the waterfront. Couldn't ask for more!

Hard Rock Cafe - first time I've eaten at one. Won't get again any time soon. The carrot cake was good (split that), I had the chicken salad which was good. But, it was expensive, horrible service (Chase was just having a bad day), took us forever. The music was loud too, but provided some impromptu conversation starters. But, the company was great!

Caribou - Some dude came and told me there was one not a few blocks away. Later (after I went and got an iced chai and dark chocolate graham), he came back with a 5$ gift card for me. I'll definitely be using this later! Some of life's little blessings. I love it!

So - Baltimore food was good. I walked everywhere and didn't eat a ton. Much better than I did in NC!

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