Friday, May 22, 2009

Menu Week: May 25

I'm doing this well ahead of time because I'll be gone to Baltimore having fun this weekend. Be sure to watch for the updates of where we eat at cool places while there!
Monday: Baltimore
Tuesday: a frozen kashi meal b/c I don't have really anything else in my fridge and pesto green beans with tomatoes for dinner at W-3 out of Foster's The Foster's Market Cookbook (I'm branching out from Fresh Every Day) - for the recipe of the week.
Wednesday: yogurt and granolas and a salad with egg whites for dinner because I still won't have had time to go grocery shopping
Thursday: pbj and a salad for dinner from Founders probably - and I'll get to go grocery shopping - how exciting is that!
Friday: making something for a bday dinner I'm going to on Saturday and a Lean Cuisine pizza b/c I'll be working in the housing office for the entire night - and some kettle corn.
Saturday - Hubers! Getting strawberries and whatever other veggies they may have! And a birthday dinner!
Sunday - last day of non-vegetarian for Sunday. Think I'll cook a pork chop with veggies. That sounds yummy!
Keep sending the vegetarian ideas!

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