Monday, May 04, 2009

Menu Week: May 4

This menu is a little later because I've been housesitting, have had no time to go grocery shopping, and need to get with the program this week!
Monday - eating lunch out today while out getting some body assessments done. Dinner will be an egg white omelette and a healthy choice ice cream bar!
Tuesday - Cinco de Mayo. But since I have something to do early in the night - my celebrating will come just by salsa on protein - I know, really specific. I do need to do some baking tonight out of the cookbook of the week - Pillsbury's Bake Off Cookbook from 1967. I am making Oatmeal Carmelitas. Brown sugar and oatmeal - can you really go wrong? These are for community group on Wednesday.
Wednesday - We are having a secretary lunch and I'm making a strawberry cobbler. Egg white omelette for dinner after a bigger lunch.
Thursday - chicken salad for lunch, yogurt, fruit and granola for dinner.
Friday - chicken salad on bread for lunch and mac and cheese and peas for dinner - carb load.
Saturday - bagel and pb before my 5k. And I get to take dinner to friends on Saturday following her minor surgery. I'll have to find out what she wants today.
Sunday - Mother's Day - muffin meat loaf and okra and tomatoes - one of my mom's favorite meals since I can't see her till the next week.

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