Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Menu Week (Short): May 18

Well, I had a fabulous wknd in NC - many restaurant food blogs to come with pictures! This coming wknd I am heading to Baltimore to enjoy a conference for work, great preaching, and good friends and food. So, this week will short and lite (because of all the eating previous wknd). Only gained 2.5 pounds - but now have to take it off! Must do better in Baltimore!
Monday: Foster's fruit salad (and meeting again Sara Foster) and a bite of her lemon raspberry muffin. I bought two scones to bring back to KY with me for a friend. Lunch was Chai's chicken pad thai - amazing! Then I went to MadHatter's for a ginger cookie and hot chocolate. For dinner in the ATL, I had apple and new Sun Chips (Peppercorn Ranch).
Tuesday: Leftover frozen (thawed) raisin bran muffin, yogurt, fruit jello.
Wednesday: Say's Yellow Cake because I didn't get to make it last week. This is for our fun night at CG. Asparagus and Mushroom salad from a new vegetarian cookbook I got (Step by Step Delicious Vegetarian Food).
Thursday: more of Tuesday with some of Wednesday salad thrown in there.
Friday: meatballs from last week and don't know what I'll have in Baltimore on Friday night.

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