Sunday, October 18, 2009

Menu Week: Oct 19

This week is definitely eating healthy, better, and less food than last week. While it was fun having my parents in town and eating out more often than usual - it doesn't do too good for the scale. Thankful this week gets back to normal!
Monday night I have a new friend over for soup, salad, and bread.
Friday night I get to bake some chocolate-y for a friend's bday grill out.
For me the rest of the week: leftovers (3 soups, baked oatmeal, turkey enchiladas), salads, fruit. This week's recipe is coming from Joy of Cooking - Sweet Potato Waffles (I'll make them with some cooked butternut squash I have leftover).
The picture is of me putting together some Chicken Orzo soup. Didn't really measure anything - but its really yummy (using leftovers). And its good for cool nights or for lunch in a cold office!

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