Monday, March 23, 2009

Menu Week - March 23

This is going to be another short week since I am heading to Chicago this weekend to hang out with a friend. Hopefully will get to eat some Chicago food. Can't wait!
Many things going on this week even though it will be short!
Monday - Lunch at Red Pepper with Sarah, dinner will be yogurt and granola with fruit I get while grocery shopping. I also need to make the black and white brownies for Pendergraph tomorrow night.
Tuesday - Chikfila for lunch while hearing Danny Wuerffel. Speaker will be better than the food. Dinner will be salad with some rotisserie chicken (love the stuff, especially when I need something quick)
Wednesday - Recipe of the week is out of William-Sonoma Healthful Cooking. It is a couscous veggie salad for our community group dinner.
Thursday - PJ&J for lunch with veggies. Egg white omelette salad.
Friday - Chikfila for breakfast (I have a free coupon - though my coupons are not as cool as Shana's). Lunch will be some leftovers of something - just so I don't have to cook. Then - heading to Chicago! :)

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