Monday, March 30, 2009

Taste of Wheaton: Mai Tai's Cafe

I love Wheaton - I love its quaintness in downtown, and any restaurant or shopping you could want in a suburb of Chicago.
Janel and I were hungry by the time we ate lunch at Mai Tai's. Reasonably priced for lunch (16$ for both) - we each got soup, a potsticker, and a huge entree.
I got the chicken pad thai - so good. I got it medium and it was perfectly spiced. Probably the best pad thai since I last ate at Chai's in Durham. Janel got the Pad Kee Meo or something like that - more Asian (wide rice noodles and vegetables) than Thai, but ok.
The soup was vegetable and I loved the taste of cooked cabbage and carrots. It was warm too which was nice because it was so cold outside.
Our appetizer was the popcorn from the popcorn shop around the corner. It I were at Wheaton - these two places would definitely be a weekly thing for me!

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