Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Taste of Louisville: The Old Spaghetti Factory

This was the highlight of the evening. Sarah and I were downtown Louisville for the Taste of Home night at the Convention Center. Well, we walked in and knew we needed to go get dinner. I'd never been there - so I was excited to go.
They are set up like old street cars inside (pictures will be coming soon). Elegant chandeliers, etc. Very nice.
Let's start with the best of the evening:
I got a big ole piece of their Lasagna Vegetariano. Artichokes and many other things in a red sauce that wasn't drowning the piece of lasagna - with sauteed shrooms on top. The best thing was the marinara sauce - best I've tasted at an Italian restaurant. The lasagna was pretty good too - better than I thought it be - not heavy on the cheese. I ate half of it - gave the rest to Sarah to take home.
The house salad was nothing to write home about and the bread was a white loaf, soft, good, served like Outback's but not near as good.
We had a nice waitress, though not very effecient. We waited 12 minutes to get our water order taken - and it wasn't full at 7pm. She got Sarah's salad order wrong - but then she got better after that.
So, I've been, do I need to go again, no probably not, but I wouldn't rule it out. The marinara and the ambience definitely make it.

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