Sunday, March 29, 2009

Menu Week - March 30 (updated twice)

Just got back from a wknd in Chicago - housesitting this week - so everything will be quick and easy. I was going to make a roasted turkey breast for my new recipe this week, but Walmart didn't have one - so I'll look through another book and find another one - making it on Saturday when I get back in town.
Monday: lunch with Rachel with chicken salad and mini wheat pitas (from Trader Joes) and veggies and honey wheat pretzel braids. Dinner is grilled balsamic portabellow, orange tomatoes and salad.
Tuesday: chicken salad and veggie. Dinner is curry chickpeas and cauliflower and whole wheat couscous. Recipe will come later after I make it.
Wednesday: soup and pretzels. dinner is jerk chicken, grilled corn, red onions, avocado on a salad.
Thursday: pbj and fruit (or I may grab some lunch out depending on how long I take at the doctor). Dinner - egg white omelette salad.
Friday: black bean burger on salad. Dinner at the Lincoln Day celebration at the Galt House (thanks Sarah)
Saturday: fun flower cookies and for dessert during the Final Four - light(er) baked rice pudding I found in Family Favorites Made Lighter by Better Homes and Gardens.
Sunday: Fazolis with Sarah!

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