Friday, March 06, 2009

Taste of Fern Creek: Bootleg BBQ

Hole in the wall all the way.
A few months ago, a co-worker brought in Bootleg BBQ leftovers. I got to try their pulled pork. It was great. Smoked, no sauce on it at the time - and I really liked it - straight from the microwave.
Well, my parents love bbq. We love to try different places. So, while they were here, we decided to go to this place. We drove out and spent some time in Bardstown, then on our way back we stopped in Fern Creek to eat.
We got there before the lunch rush which was nice. We were the only ones in there. We got 2 rib tip plates (the special) and a pulled pork sandwich plate. My sides were the smoke house beans and cole slaw. The beans were great. Cole slaw not so much. Mom got the potato salad and green beans - both were really good. Dad got the same sides as me, and ate both. I still liked the pulled pork better - and would have liked it without the sauce. It was a little sweet for me and I like my bbq sauce more mild or hot than sweet.
But, we all ate it. And they served it all on baby shower plates. The lady told Mom that we just use what people give us!

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