Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Taste of Home Spring Extravaganza

Thanks to a very gracious person, Sarah and I got to go downtown this evening to an event that was sold out. I am very thankful for the free magazine I'll get, the Biofreeze that was in my bag, and a chance to spend some time with Sarah tonight at Old Spaghetti Factory. And to learn more about how to navigate downtown Louisville (which always comes in handy).
We finally got to the right part of the convention center. We walked in - and probably could have walked right out. But, we wanted to give it a shot.
There were 600 chairs set up, half were full by 610 when we got there. There a couple food sample booths, a bite of sausage was free, but you had to pay for the smoothie sample. Tupperware was being given away, there was a wine tasting, giveaway for a stone massage, etc. 10 booths about in all.
We were done in 10 minutes. So we decided to say hi to some friends who were also enjoying the evening. Then we went to dinner and came back for the demos.
They were demo-ing some good food, but nothing to drive us to stay there.
I guess our expectations were so high for the evening, and I'm very grateful for the tickets - but am very glad I hadn't paid for it.
So - thank you for my free ticket, thank you Taste of Home for my free magazine, and Sarah and I got a run in before we went!

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