Monday, March 23, 2009

Taste of Brentwood: Kalamatas

I was in Bretwood TN for the weekend at a conference. It went great! One of the fun things was going to dinner with the Joneses. They like going to fun and unique places as well - one of the reasons we get along.
We drove through a little shopping center. We found this and had to stop.
It was pretty good. Best thing was the hummus. It was cream and just garlicky enough to not be overwhelming.
I had the fattoush salad with grilled yellow fin tuna (fish of the day) that I had cooked to medium. It was good and healthy!
So, if you are in a new city - try some place new - don't settle for the same old chain places! And speaking of new - I ate a kalamata olive. Never had before. And honestly, it wasn't as bad as a black or green olive. It wasn't as salty and maybe a tad sweeter. Does anyone have a tapenade recipe using kalamata olives?

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