Monday, March 30, 2009

Saturday Night in Chicago - Salmon and Veggies

Well - even though we were heckled because we didn't go out in Chicago for dinner with the many great restaurants literally on every corner...we enjoyed a great meal in.
Whole Foods provided us some of it - if not all.

Wild Coho Salmon - 1/2 lb between the two of us, cooked for about 12 minutes (flipped once), skinned at the counter, just with evoo, s/p - wow - this was good.
Sauteed spinach and garlic.
Roasted asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and mushrooms - with evoo and TJ's balsamic vinegar
Our appetizer was unsalted blue corn tortilla chips with hummus and also some edamame (yum)!
For dessert - Edy's Grand Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream with TJ's dark cream mints (slightly larger and better than Junior Mints).

And we got to cook it together, eat it together, not pay a tip, and watch basketball!

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