Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Help with Menu Planning

I live among some amazing women who are much better at grocery shopping on a budget for families, cooking, menu planning, etc. These folks help me all the time with several of these factors. But, I also get help from blog world. I love blogs!
Cheap Healthy Good has been a great resource over the past few months to me. I starred this particular post a few weeks ago and I am just now reading it. But, since I've made a list of how to be more disciplined with my time, money, etc - this will be the perfect help with menu planning!
Thanks - and I'd love to know your thoughts too! Any thing you would add? What has worked for you?


Anonymous said...

I just had a conversation this morning with my best friend because she is trying to eat more healthy foods without increasing her food budget too much. I have found planning to be the number one money saver when it comes to my grocery budget.
I have two tools that I love and use every week. One is a menu template that lists what I'm going to have for each meal throughout the week (that way I don't end up wasting half of a bag of tortillas or a head lettuce). Once I have planned out my meals, I have a grocery list template that is arranged by section at my particular grocery store of choice. That way when I go to the store I know exactly what I need, and I don't end up making three trips across the store and back because I forgot the onion! If you're interested in seeing either one, send me a quick email, and I'll pass them on :)
-Kelly H.

Lauren said...

I usually take a look at the grocery sales paper to see what meat and produce are on sale. I choose recipes based on the sales, and then I assign each recipe to a day and keep that in my calendar. Assigning a date helps me prevent leaving fresh meat in the fridge too long, and it also keeps me from planning meals on days where my schedule is too busy to cook.
And like Kelly, I group my grocery list by types of food so I don't wander from one end of the store to the other to get the one piece of produce that I forgot.