Friday, April 17, 2009

Food Quiz!

#1. How far would you be willing to travel to satisfy a food craving?
Depends on what it is. Sonny's BBQ is 1.40 from me. Chai's Noodle Bistro in Durham is 8 hours from me.
#2. Have you ever eaten rabbit? What did you think?
NO. But I'm up for anything!
#3. Have you ever made your own bread? How?
I have a CuisinArt Convection Bread Machine, made tons of quick bread, and just made my first batch of whole wheat dinner rolls. And pizza dough of course. Pasta next?
4. Where do you usually spend Easter and what do you usually eat?
Don't really have a normal place. This year I spent the actual Sunday driving. But, the night before I was in Holly Springs, AL at Waterbrook Family Dining - with family - eating Southern food.

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