Sunday, April 12, 2009

Menu Week - April 13

New week - have to eat healthier this week than I did this past weekend!
Monday - breakfast with Virginia - egg cuties, cinnamon rolls, and fruit. Dinner is the menu recipe of the week - Mustard Thighs with roasted carrots
Tuesday - lunch with Becca - probably rotisserrie chicken on a sandwich and veggies, fruit. Frozen dinner for pm eats.
Wednesday - Veggie soup for lunch. Egg whites on salad for dinner. Using some leftover brownies in the freezer to make a chocolate trifle for CG.
Thursday - Breakfast at Calistogas (oatmeal) with Jaye. Yogurt and fruit/granola for lunch. Salad with chicken for dinner. Making fettuccini broccoli alfredo for a bday dinner party on Friday. This recipe is one I got from a college roommate. Usually has crab, but this time - going with broccoli.
Friday - light lunch, probably soup and pbj. Dinner is wonderful stuff at the Jones' for Hannah's bday: ribs, crab stuffed muffins, my pasta dish, etc and a pb/chocolate cake for dessert. Yum!
Saturday - hanging with Rayann - getting some fresh fruit. Dinner at the P-houses.

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