Saturday, April 25, 2009

Menu Week - April 27

This week will have some fun stuff in it - but mostly housesitting toward the end - so mostly will be the same and light dinners.
Monday - leftover Havana Rumba black beans and whole wheat couscous. Recipe of the week Strawberry Margharita cake from Butterfly Garden Cafe and Oma's Meatballs and Roasted Green Beans for dinner with new mama Brandi and her hubby Jason and new baby Isaiah.
Tuesday - finish my leftover curry chicken and carrots. dinner will be some vaca frita from Havana Rumbas.
Wednesday - chicken salad on whole wheat english muffin, dinner will be egg white omelet on salad.
Thursday - kashi frozen dinner, yogurt for dinner with granola and fruit
Friday - chicken salad and baked chips, egg white omelette for dinner on salad.
Saturday - going to a shower for brunch, dinner will be something out that I can bring back to the house - probably a frozen pizza or something and watch a movie...great Saturday night.

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