Monday, April 06, 2009

Taste of Chicaog: Sweet Mandy B's

While I was in Chicago's Lincoln Park last weekend, we stopped in here on Sunday morning. Supposedly, this shop has the "city's best" cupcakes.

Janel took a bite - really loved the frosting. I later took 2 bites. One for the frosting/cake together and one for the cake.

We got a chocolate one as you can see with pink buttercream. It wasn't heavily decorated, and that is good. The cake was moist and not too heavy - and left a good aftertaste in your mouth. The icing was pretty good as well.
As far as the best in chicago...well, it is the only one I have eaten from Chicago...but I don't know that it comes close to a fresh baked Publix cupake piled high with buttercream frosting.

The other good things about the place itself:
1. open on a Sunday morning if you wanted a place to sit for coffee and danish before church.
2. Cheap - the cupcake was 2$!
3. Very friendly people.
4. Samples: the chocolate chip cookie bite was ok (very rich) and the fruit bar (i think blackberry crumble bar of some sort, but don't quote me on it) was quite yummy.

Update as of 1/19/10:
The peanut butter and chocolate rice krispy treats are AMAZING! We went there on early Sunday afternoon and this place was packed. But, very quick and efficient and friendly service (just like last time). Janel and I devoured (on the L and walking downtown) this 4x4 inch perfect treat). No picture, but enjoy some of the bakery goods. Definitely would go back!

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