Sunday, April 12, 2009

Taste of Holly Pond: Waterbrook Family Restaurant

I've spent Easter wknd in Alabama. Saturday night my parents, extended family, and I went to Waterbrook Family Restaurant in Holly Pond (near Cullman/Arab). It was a family owned restaurant that my cousin used to work at. It was a catfish place then.
Mom and I scoped out the buffet of home cooking. Hmmmmm.
Pork chops were really good.
I was just wanting some liver and onions - fried liver bites were a good second.
Cabbage was good.
Chicken and dumplings were runny.
Baked beans were too sweet (I think).
Corn on the cob was good - but you can't mess that up.
Salad bar was iceberg so I didn't get any.
Fried green tomatoes weren't coated well and not salty and soggy.
Unsweet tea was good.
Service was great.
Best thing: fresh out of the oven coconut cake. I think our table polished off almost an entire cake. It was a great way to finish the evening.
Holly Pond doesn't have a lot of options. So one can't be too picky. And it was free food for me!

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Alvie L. Davidson CG said...

Holly Pond is the home of the late Governor Guy Hunt who was also a Primitive Baptist minister for Mount Vernon Primitive Baptist Church for many years. That is the only limelight Holly Pond has had outside of good food.