Saturday, December 19, 2009

Menu Week: Christmas (Dec 21)

Yeah - its that time of year again, the week of Christmas. Fun times ahead this week:
Monday and Tuesday - leftovers trying to clean out the fridge before being gone for 6 days!
Wednesday: pizza, apple slices, and cookies (from a jar mix gift that bonnie and justin gave me) for my ride to the airport. Dinner at Wendy's in Lakeland - right beside a Publix!
Thursday: Sonny's! Can't wait for some St. Louis ribs! And, me, my sister in law, and mom are baking all day
Friday: Christmas baked oatmeal for breakfast. Lunch with family is smoked mullet, christmas tree appetizer with hummus, WW coleslaw, baked mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli with red peppers, Alan's roasted whole onions (yum), black pepper biscuits, pear salad (the one at the top of the blog), carrot cake (Dad's request), lemon meringue pie (for Alan and Papa), and Pecan Pie (just because).
Saturday: Brunch with immediate fam before seeing the Nutcracker with Mom and Ty: egg cuties, roasted fruit salad with panettone croutons, roasted asparagus with lemon, cheddar herb biscuits. Dinner is cooking at home for Ty's and my bday since they are about a month apart: baked ziti, homemade italian breadsticks, apple salad with goat cheese, cherry cheesecake parfaits
Sunday: sweet potato hash with fried egg for breakfast before church in Winter Haven, dinner with immediate fam at the Yearling restaurant in North Florida.

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