Monday, December 14, 2009

Menu Week: Dec 14

Wow - only 2 more weeks left in 2009. I'll probably keep doing the menus next year because they really have helped in grocery planning and not waisting as much food.

Monday - chili for lunch made by Rayann - I brought the dessert (maple coconut bars) and Aarica brought the fab chips of hint of lime tortilla chips and sourdough bread. Dinner was Sarah Foster's Chicken Cacciatore, spaghetti squash, salad (made by Wendy) and maple molasses snack cake
Tuesday - Meridian Cafe with Aarica for lunch. Dinner with be roasted butternut squash salad and tomato soup with Becca.
Wednesday - leftover soup and salad for lunch (brown bagging it) with Liz and salad for dinner probably
Thursday - chicken salad for lunch with veggies and an egg white omelette for dinner
Friday - Fruit and veggies for lunch, larabar, muffin, pbj for dinner with some fruit and veggies - working all day between work and mullins. LONG DAY!
Saturday - a new Meditteranean grille with Sarah (Zaytun I think is how you spell it) and a big salad for dinner so I can eat some popcorn for my Christmas movie marathon!
Sunday - baking some pb fudge (recipe courtesy of Tina) and trying to clean out my fridge so all the leftovers before I go home for Christmas on Wednesday at lunch!

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