Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Taste of Louisville: Meridian Cafe

Thanks to Aarica's 3 year old camera phone for these pictures! I didn't grab mine this morning before heading to work!
I will always give a restaurant two tries before I make any final judgment. Well...the first time I went to this little cozy St. Matthews restaurant was over the summer. Actually, the restaurant came to me. We got an order to go. It was cold by the time we ate it and their hummus is just a little different then it ought to be.
Today, Aarica and I went with a gift certificate that my sister in law sent through restaurants.com. I'm glad I didn't pay for all of it!
Aarica had the tomato soup - she said she liked her's better.
I ordered the chicken salad - not very mayonnaise-y. Had good veggies in it and nuts - which I like. The bread was a wheat bread toasted - yum (best part). I enjoyed the dill pickle spear very much. So, I had 1/2 the sandwich. I exchanged the chips for the roasted balsamic tomatoes - everyone raves about - eh, not so much. I will puree them in boxed tomato soup for dinner tonight - at least get use out of them.
Aarica ordered "The Alana" - pita, cajun hummus, roasted veggies. The pita was good. Hummus shouldn't be cajun though.
Fave parts: the decor/ambience (even though crowded, not very loud), the dill pickle spear, and the bread.
Not so fave parts: the waitress, the hummus

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